Death on Mt. Shasta

candy guts
“They did all they could, but it was just too late. I’m sorry.”

Those words just keep repeating themselves over and over again in my head. I’m sorry?! She doesn’t care! She can’t imagine what it was like to be walking down the street without a care in the world, only to be the first one to find a perfectly good lollipop with it’s brains all over the concrete. There was no 2 second rule strong enough to bring it back. It was dead.

hahaha, I think these random discoveries are going to be my favorite. When I saw this lollipop on the concrete like this, part of me was curious how it happened and the other part of me felt like I was in some self important student film where the lollipop symbolized the death of childhood/innocence. To see all the pictures from today’s walk, please visit the spbxb flickr


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