Speaking of Castles…

Once upon a time this house was dubbed Mavar Castle. I saw a picture of it being built at the historical archives and another of it finished with the owner in front of it. It was a News-Pilot original and the caption called it Mavar Castle. It’s a pretty massive building and it’s super fancy. There’s all kinds of interesting details that you just don’t see in Southern California architecture.

I think this might be the only non-school/church building in San Pedro to have latin on the facade. I’m not sure what it means. Moon something is alone? Do we have any latin scholars in the house?

It has a lot of faces on it and a crest too, that’s really cool. The M on the gate kind of brings it all together.


3 Responses

  1. Can you tell me the location of this. So beautiful.

  2. Wow, This is where my boss lives, i have been inside, and it also has an elevator.

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