The San Pedro Post Office Museum

If you’ve ever entered the Beacon Street post office from the lower entrance closest to 8th Street, you may have noticed this door on your way up the stairs. At first I thought it might have been a prop for a movie or maybe they were just dressing up a plain door. It’s a very real museum but is hardly ever open. A few weeks ago when I was buying stamps, I asked the clerk at the window if there was a way I could see the museum. She gave me the number to Brian, the Post Master’s secretary, with the instructions on when to call. I’ve had the card in my bag for a while because I wanted to be sure that I called him on a day I would have the time to run down there as soon as he was available. That day happened to be yesterday after I dropped my camera off to be cleaned.

The San Pedro Postal Museum was started in 2000 by Brian and a group of other volunteer postal workers. They were cleaning out some of the storage areas and the offices on the 2nd and 3rd floors for renovation and found most of this stuff. It was all going to be thrown away, but Brian and his friends realized the historic importance of these artifacts and asked the Post Master to allow them to put it on display for the public. They started in a small room across from their current space and grew to a two room showcase once it became available.

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