A Starlet's Beach Bungalow

A while back I got a message from someone telling me about a house in the Point Fermin area that had a famous past. I made a mental note of it, but when I reached the area, I couldn’t find an email, comment of facebook message that said anything of the sort. I did remember something about the color being purple and you don’t get more violet than this bungalow on 40th. I’m a lot braver than I was when I started SPBXB 9 months ago, so I decided to at least knock on the door and ask the question. Lucky for me the homeowner was reading the morning paper by her front window with the door open so all I had to do was call out ‘yoo-hoo’ to catch her attention. She smiled and waved to me and came out to meet me at her front gate. I inquired about the house’s history and she confirmed that this was the house I guessed it was.

The house was built in the 20’s as a dressing room for Mary Pickford who was doing a lot of filming in the area. Mrs. Smith, the homeowner, told me that the house was originally located on Bluff Place near the beach, but that it was moved sometime later. She doesn’t know much more than that and told me that she has been thinking about the story of her home lately so its funny that I should stop by like this. I told her I could help her try and find some information on it so we exchanged phone numbers. I got a call from Mrs. Smith yesterday. She told me it was her daughter who had sent me the note about her mother’s house.


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