Trivia Time

Besides the hot dogs, I had a little game for my friends to enjoy. They had to answer questions like “How many miles did I walk?” and “How many Virgin Mary Statues did I find on my walks?”. I have since lost the answers, I’ll have to figure it out again. Mark was my resident trivia guy during my tenure on the streets so its fitting that I captured him taking a crack at the questions. Of 5 questions I had two double winners, Skipper Jeff and Steve H. below.

Mr. Rukavina won the shirt donated by Cindy at Century Motorcycles.

Mr. Rukavina brought a picture to show me of him and his daughter Andrea at Cabrillo Beach when she was a toddler…all I can say is that I stumbled over my words trying to find a respectful way to tell him that he was a hottie.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, I was wondering when you would post those pics. It was indeed a special, fun day Romee. I finally got my Mike Watt autographed photo framed and I just love the History of the Port of LA book. Very special prizes.

    Thank you! -Skipper Jeff

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