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San Pedro: Bite by Bite

You can’t know San Pedro without eating there. There are so many locally owned restaurants that serve delicious food, many as integral to San Pedro history as the family’s that run them. So every Sunday I will feature a different local restaurant or eatery to introduce you to in a segment I like to call, San Pedro: Bite by Bite.

Just click on the ‘Bite by Bite’ link on the right column —> under Segments.

4 Responses

  1. I think the food from Sacred Grounds is the best kept secret in Pedro. Check it out–ALL the salads are great, love the chicken tacos (gringo style), and YUMMMY sandwiches…

    • I have not been to San Pedro for years, but the Burrito Factory was always one of my favorites. I plan on taking my fiance to the best small town in the world real soon. I miss all the hills the parks and the beaches. I also miss my classmates for the SPHS class of 1981. I’ve told him about the old places like Dancing Waters, Ports O’Cal, Point Fermin the rocks and tide pools. I could go on but I won’t just say that San Pedro has something for everyone

  2. I can’t be a secret to locals, but for those who don’t know, you gotta check out San Pedro Cafe on Pacific near 6th. The food is delicious! I go there for breakfast with the fam almost every Sunday. The portions are large, the service is great, and four times out of five you’ll have the pleasure of being entertained by a floating magician who runs the joint. Vinny, the “Godfather of Magic.” Leave there with a full belly, and a blown mind.

  3. Sorry, not to hog up the place, but I need to give a shout-out to City Hall Market on 11th & Palos Verdes. Served as Pedro’s fourth city hall at the turn of the century. It was a dark hole years back, but since the new owner took the reigns maybe two years ago, it plays an important role in the nieghborhood. All lit up with a deli counter, an ice cream counter, and refidgerators and isles full of cold bevs and grocery items. And when I’m digging holes, I go for the best damn sandwhiches around, made to order with fresh local veggies.

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