White Point Fountain

“White Point Fountain is a relic of the one time White Point Sulphur Springs Spa complex which was built on the shore below the cliff. Made of concrete, it stood at the center of the Hot Springs building complex near the sea wall and outdoor salt water pool. Around the base of the fountain were flower beds, which were part of the lavish gardens maintained by Roman Sepulveda. Years of battering by storm waves damaged the fountain. Concerned authorities moved it to the top of the cliff, where it awaited reconstruction and integration into this interpretive center.”

Beyond the Low Side

Past the paved parking lot of the low side is more rocky beach. Does this part have a special name?

The Low Side

A left at the Lifeguard tower takes you to the Low Side. The low side was the only paved side of the beach parking lot so the Lowriders took over that side for obvious reasons. I’m sure they engaged in just as many “other recreational activities” as the High Side and have the same ‘Locals Only’ policy. So the difference in sides comes down to your choice of ride, a board or wheels. This is also the side where the cats all over the place. I only saw one in my trip to the beach. I’m sure I’d see more if I went at feeding time.

The low side is also really good for Tide Pool exploration. This teen was out there digging around right as a giant wave splashed against the rocks.

The High Side

The High Side is the surfer side of the beach. The high reference is due to some of the “other recreational activities” the plaque warned about. If you’re a San Pedro surfer, you clocked countless hours in the water surfing or enforcing the ‘Locals Only’ law. I had a friend from Catalina try and get in the water here and he was told he couldn’t surf, eventhough they were surfing in perfect view of the island. Instead he had to show the locals that this gangly island boy was nothing to mess with either.

I got to go on a couple of releases here when I was a volunteer at the Marine Mammal Care Center. One time there were surfers in the water and the sea lion wouldn’t leave the shallow water and spooked one guy on a board. He couldn’t get out of the water fast enough.

There's always two sides to every…Beach?

I recently found out that there are two sides to Royal Palms. As you’re heading down Kay Fiorentino Dr, you have to ask yourself one question…

What Side are you on?

High or Low?

More Palms and Wave breakers

“The area is popular for picnicking, surfing, scuba diving, ocean related research and other recreational activities.” What do you think they mean by “other”?


“In 1960 the area was acquired by the State of California. It was operated as the Royal Palms State Beach by the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles until 1995 when it was deeded to the County by the State.”