So it wouldn’t be a SPBXB Bite without a picture of the food I bought. I opted for a few Danishes that I shared with my Mom and my friend Blue. Can I say something about my cheese danish? I have been to my share of continental breakfasts at hotels and company meetings and I always see the cheese danish. Usually my sentiments are “uh-uh, no thank you” because it’s like eating a tub of cream cheese in a sugar bread tutu. But I am happy to report that my cheese danish from Amalfitano’s was super light and wonderful. So there you have it, my $3 worth of words on the new bakery in town (even though it’s not technincally in town, but we won’t hold it against them). Good Luck Amalfitano Bakery… you’ll be hearing from me about that birthday cake.

Cake Menu

If the Cake Menu was a Jeopardy question, my answer would be, “What is the definition of delicious?”

I love that their phone number is 833-BAKE. Was 831-MMMMMMMM taken? (Where’s my rimshot? I’m here all week).

The Goods

They were still filling the cases when I walked in, but there was still so much to choose from. Danishes…


There were some cakes in the case, but I was looking for their carrot cake cupcakes. I’m gonna have to check in later on. They were my FAVORITE growing up. But I also know where I’ll be buying my birthday cake in exactly one month from today (I’m talking to you strawberry whipcream).

The family that bakes together…

When you walk in your eyes go immediately to the cases filled with goodies so I’ll show you something you might miss at first glance. There are framed articles and family photos on the walls of the Amalfitano’s during their reign at the helm of Ramona’s. Behind the counter is a whole new generation of Amalfitano’s ready with a welcoming smile (at 6am no less!) and a box to fill with your favorite fare.

A Brand New (Old) Bite: Amalfitano Bakery

After months of anticipation, Amalfitano Bakery opened it’s doors bright and early this morning. Their first customer sits out front enjoying his treat. I had the pleasure of being their second customer of the morning and I had to sit there for a while trying to decide what to get. As most of us know, the Amalfitano Bakery is a brand new addition to the neighborhood but the tastes are going to be as familiar as an old friend to anyone who enjoyed Ramona’s Bakery.

I decided to brush the cob webs off my blogging knife and fork for a very special “Bite” that is San Pedro owned, but lies within the boundaries of RPV.

Inside Croatian Hall

Lets not forget that this was my first time inside the hall. It was really very nice inside, I liked the tenting on the ceiling. I was able to snag a seat at a table inside and ate my food indoors, away from the sun. Across the hall from where I was sitting I saw Janice Hahn and Ana Dragin.

Festival Food

The food offerings were varied; Lamb, Cevapcici, sauerkraut, mastachioli and sausage sandwiches. I opted for the mastachioli and sausage sandwich. Together they were $10, totally reasonable and a lot of food. Good thing I brought my appetite with me. Both dishes were delicious.