Posted on the Patio

Lourdes stayed with us til she finished her breakfast but it was so great to have her. All 5 of us had really easy conversation. If she had more time I’m sure she would’ve stayed for most of the 2 hours the rest of us were there for. I know! I looked at my cell phone when I was walking out and 2 hours had definitely gone by there on the patio. We talked about things I had covered on my walks, they made me blush with some compliments and how nice it was to have a love of San Pedro in common. I really had a great time with my new friends and I look forward to meeting anyone else who wants to join us on future Blind Bites. That’s right, I am definitely going to have more. I’ll try to have them at a time where more people can come. Thank you to Kimberly, Lisa, Lourdes and Mark for coming out. Kimberly mentioned something about me giving readers a chance to meet me by having a Blind Bite, I thought of it as the complete opposite. I was thankful that people read what I have to say and were willing to come and talk with me!

The Food

Kimberly got the Asparagus Omelette. This is her thumb’s world wide web premier, welcome to the internet thumb!

Lisa got The Hangover omelette but she assured us that she was not hungover.

These pancakes and eggs belong to Lourdes.

I somehow neglected to take a picture of Mark’s breakfast, possibly because we were all talking, but he got a short stack and eggs. He was nice enough to treat me to the Avocado Omelette below. Please know that buying me breakfast is not a requirement of being a Blind Biter. Thank You Mark, that was really nice of you!

The Brave Souls

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I invited readers to join me on a Bite by Bite. Would anyone show up? If they do, how will I know who they are? Oh man, if I have to go table to table asking people if they’re here for Bite by Bite I might get a fork to the eye. I was nervous…and running late. I had no problem finding a parking space -OMEN! It was definitely a sign of how effortless the next couple of hours would be. Mark Wells, one of my big commentors, caught me in the parking lot. We had met before at the Warner Grand because we both happened to be involved with The Relevant Stage for different productions. So the first face was a familiar one. I sat down at a big table on the patio, trying to be optimistic about the turn out. We had just taken our seats when Kimberly and Lisa walked in. Kimberly was the only person who had said she was coming and oddly enough she brought Lisa who I had met on the DASH last week (only in Pedro) – I was coming back from a walk and had my camera in my hand and she asked me about it. Lourdes was the last to join us. She was so sweet because she didn’t have a lot of time but she was worried no one would come. So here they are, my very first Blind Biters!

Bite by Bite: Pacific Diner

Today’s Bite by Bite is very special because it is the first ever Blind Bite.

As you may know, I have a regular group of friends and family that usually accompany me on my Bite by Bite excursions. I’ve decided to feature breakfast places for the next few bites and my group can’t make it, so I decided to see if any of my SPBXB readers wanted to join me. I posted the question on the Facebook fan page to see if there was an interest. I had a few responses and decided to go ahead and try it. I posted the when and where on the fan page and showed up. The when was this past Friday and the Where was Pacific Diner on Pacific between 38th and 39th Streets.