Happy Halloween from SPBXB!!!

Smilin Jack
Happy Halloween everyone! I know Smilin’ Jack isn’t in San Pedro, but he definitely lives in our hearts here in Pedro. If you’ve grown up here, chances are you have spent some time in the line at the refinery to get some of Jack’s caramel corn. I remember being able to park inside the refinery and look up at the giant pumpkin while you read how many thousands of gallons of popcorn he could hold inside him. The bags have gotten smaller and the # of days he’s open has decreased, but his familiar smile is just as bright. I get excited to see him every year, and he ALWAYS surprises me. I’ll be coming into town and boom, there he is. It’s not Halloween without him.

Don’t forget that I’ll be posting Saturday in the Park late today. See you in a bit. In the meantime, enjoy your day.

Six Degrees of James Fenimore Cooper

six degrees of jfc