Crush of the Day: Warehouse No. 1

John and I walked down to Warehouse No. 1 located at the southern end of the port’s main channel. This is where I took my sunrise photos.

There is an amazing write up on Warehouse No. 1 at the Port of LA’s Virtual History Tour page. I couldn’t say it any better myself, so I’m going to insert snippets of it between my pictures.
“Completed in 1917, Warehouse No.1 served as the Port’s only bonded warehouse, a function that was critical to Los Angeles’ entry into international trade markets. During the era of break-bulk cargo handling, warehousing at the Port terminals played a critical role in achieving economically efficient commerce. Warehouse No.1 served a leading role in warehousing at the Port of Los Angeles from 1917 through the early 1970s when cargo containerization revolutionized cargo handling by nearly eliminating the need for warehousing.”

“Warehouse No. 1 continues to serve in its original capacity, and remains a prominent visual landmark for ships entering the deepwater channel and for residents of and visitors to San Pedro. Recognizing the importance of the building in local history, the Port nominated Warehouse No. 1 for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. The warehouse was officially listed in the National Register on April 21, 2000, and a plaque commemorating the listing has been installed on the north elevation of the building. ”

“Gargoyle head drain spouts – each spout provides drainage for the five upper floors of the warehouse.”

These are the chutes from floor to floor.

Crush of the Day: The Belle of 23rd Street

There are quite a few apartment buildings in this part of town, but this building stands out like a giraffe on a dairy farm. It’s beautiful and belongs in a magazine.

This place could be the setting of a Melrose Place type melodrama, but everyone who lives in it is an architect or something.

Speaking of Castles…

Once upon a time this house was dubbed Mavar Castle. I saw a picture of it being built at the historical archives and another of it finished with the owner in front of it. It was a News-Pilot original and the caption called it Mavar Castle. It’s a pretty massive building and it’s super fancy. There’s all kinds of interesting details that you just don’t see in Southern California architecture.

I think this might be the only non-school/church building in San Pedro to have latin on the facade. I’m not sure what it means. Moon something is alone? Do we have any latin scholars in the house?

It has a lot of faces on it and a crest too, that’s really cool. The M on the gate kind of brings it all together.

Crush of the Day – 1005 S Walker

I was walking by this house and I was absolutely taken with it. It’s for sale, but it’s so completely out of even my wildest dream’s price range. The bonus, however, is that we get to see inside the house via the realtor video.

Here are a couple of other pictures.

Crush of The Day

Crush of the Day: San Pedro Rentals

San Pedro Rentals
I’ve always had a crush on this sign. I think about photographing it everytime I grab a bite at Fantastic across the street. I’m glad I finally got around to it. Check out that sky, it’s so blue and pretty!!


Crush of the Day: Posts

One of my sister’s photography assignments was to choose an object and take 50 pictures of it. I couldn’t imagine such a thing until I got my own camera. Now photography crushes, as I call them, happen all the time. Today I was crushing on these posts. They lined most of PV Dr North down to Five Points where there were more down at the welcome park. Head on over to the flickr page to see the rest of my shots.