It's only fair…

If people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, people in stone houses shouldn’t throw glass. Just sayin.

The Library at closing time

Here are two pictures of the empty library at closing time. Only 5 minutes before I took this picture, the library was pretty packed for a rainy Friday evening. I had been sitting in one of the cubbies to the left, scanning the paper clippings. There was that normal quiet buzz you hear in libraries. Fifteen minutes to closing time the quiet buzz was ripped apart by a male voice shouting ‘THE LIBRARY WILL BE CLOSING IN TEN MINUTES!’ It sure gave me a start and got everyone else moving quickly toward the exit. While I understand some authority in tone is needed to get people to do what you want, there should always be a sense of decorum when the library is involved. Shouting across the room just seems in poor taste and adds to the unfavorable element that already sends people to PV for their book borrowing needs. I’m just sayin.

Bitch, bitch, bitch…

Leland Park Death GrassLeland Park Pass
I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m complaining all the time. I’m trying to keep everything as real as possible, but entertaining. And just so you know, I wasn’t the one who said Leland Park was the ugliest park in San Pedro. I happened to run into Bill, the man who drives the giant lawn mower that cuts all the park grass in town. Since he sees every park weekly, he should be an expert on the topic.

So I was walking along Gaffey where it splits Leland Park in half. Can I tell you how pedestrian unfriendly it is. I was heading north on the East Side trying to follow the path worn into the dirt. It was a rough path with holes and fire ants..whatever. But the closer I got to the entrance/exit of the 47/110 respectively, the already narrow path got more narrow then completely disappeared into ice plants. I’ve always been taught to keep your hands and feet where you can see them so I didn’t want to risk walking in the ice plants. That meant I had to jump into the street for a minute before I could get into the crosswalk. Why so unfriendly Leland Park non-sidewalk? Its not like pedestrians are prohibited and it was my bad for walking there. There was a crosswalk there, so obviously they knew pedestrians would be crossing at some point. The West side was a little better but thats not saying much. I just don’t think you should be risking your life to walk down the street more than you already are. Just sayin.