The End of an Era

I drove down towards the old Cabrillo Way Marina to see if it was still there and to my surprise it was. All the buildings and slips were still standing, although noticeably emptier than when I was there for the final Dill Pickle Yacht Club soiree a month or so ago. I took a walk along Miner Street and found people in the throes of packing up, signs of those already moved on and dumpsters filled to the brim. I poked my head into one of the dumpsters and found one of the men who was filling it. He told me he was indeed moving to the new marina but that it was still sad to see the end of an era.

It was eerie seeing all the empty lockers marked with an x. I know this is a dramatic comparison, but the last time I saw x’s spray painted on buildings was when I visited my best friend in New Orleans a year or so after Katrina. It’s just creeps me out to see abandoned buildings. The man went about his business but stopped one last time to tell me that demolition would start tomorrow; all the marked structures are coming down.

This is a shot looking north at the new marina behind the old empty one.