I see you!

I have an eye for religious statues now. Once you pay attention, they’re everywhere…even balconies far above your head. I honestly thought I would see more Mary’s on this side of town, but they’ve been few and far between. I’m thinking of giving one away at the ‘End of the Road’ party (June 6th @ noon- more on that later).

Welcome Neighbor!

The owner of this Mary statue and the window below, is a recent transplant to San Pedro. She grew up in the neighboring beach cities and moved to Big Bear for a while. When she decided to get off the mountain, she had her sights set on the beach and was singing the praises of San Pedro and her new neighbors. It’s very refreshing to hear someone gush about how great everyone and everything is. I think her house is adorable. I told her about my blog so if you’re her, welcome to the neighborhood, we’re glad to have you!!

Our Lady of 19th

It’s time to check in with the Ladies of San Pedro. I like this picture because of the simple display on the porch under the mailboxes. Plus the sign says it all.

Mary and Mary quite contrary

I’m used to seeing the Virgin Mary in statue form, but there are times when she appears in a mural form, like the Graffiti Mary I found on the side of a truck. This Mary is a tiled mural displayed prominently on the corner of 14th and Palos Verdes. The size and color of the building is definitely an eye catcher. Then, on 14th and Mesa I found this poor broken Mary in her little brick grotto.

Our Lady of Alberta

If you’re fairly new to SPBXB (welcome!) you might not know about my ‘Our Ladies of San Pedro’ side project. When I first started walking on the north side, I noticed that there were a lot of statues of the Virgin Mary in front yards and on porches. So I started taking pictures of each one I saw. When I walked the area around Mary Star, home of the ultimate Mary statue, I posted all the Mary’s I had up until that point (26). I usually name them after the street I found them on, like this one on Alberta St. I’ve only found a couple since Mary Star.

26 Hail Mary's

Including the big Mary of course.

Our Lady of the Sea

My biggest Mary find to date! For those of you who don’t know, I am collecting pictures of all the Mary statues I find in my travels through town. It started in my first couple of weeks on the job. I started noticing that they were everywhere so I started taking pictures of all the statues I came across to see how many I would have at the end. This is a perfect opportunity to check in with my Lovely Ladies. I try to name them after the street I find them on, like Our Lady of Leland or something when I name the pictures. I’ll post a picture Street Cred Style in a sec.