The long awaited Parade Slideshow

Sorry this has taken so long and cut into the regularly scheduled spbxb day, but it took me 8 hours to post this to youtube. No foolin.

Almost Done

The girls were still running around like crazy. I was sure they would’ve tired themselves out the way they were carrying on, but they lasted the entire time, and then some. At one point in the parade it felt like the BID Security in front of the Chamber of Commerce, was pushing me down the parade route and I was power walking the parade, but then they fell back. WAY BACK.

Only in San Pedro…

…Do you run into someone you haven’t seen in forever while you’re marching in a parade.

Reader Recognition!!

The couple at the bottom left of the picture actually read my blog – HEY GUYS! The cluster of people to the right are people I see all the time in my volunteering for Grandvision, Linda Grimes, Fred Allen (brother of James and super nice guy), Annette Ciketic of Findings Art and Lee Sweet, Director of the Warner Grand.

Ain't no party like a Renzwear party

I got my t-shirts done at Renzwear. They are absolutely the nicest people ever. No wonder so many businesses have a touch of Ren in them. They even invited me to the parade party for tamales, but I was too busy having a pre-parade meltdown.

You don't see this everyday

It was kind of unnerving to see a wall of people blocking off Pacific Ave from curb to curb. They served as the blockade to herd us onto 6th and down the home stretch.

Are we there…already?

Once we hit the Bandstand at 11th, I couldn’t believe how close we were to 6th street. It’s really not that far. I saw a band stretching when they were lined up and I figured I should stretch too, because 12 blocks seemed a lot farther in my head. But then we started seeing people along the parade route who should’ve been in the parade. Like these girls. The parade was so short they were sitting on the corner reading about the groups coming down the street.