Bandini Canyon Update

Back in October I walked the neighborhood around the Bandini Canyon park and reported on the progress of the construction of the new trails.
Bandini Canyon Park 2
I drove by today and it looks pretty good. Word from John Mavar is that the tentative opening is August 19th. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Here is a picture of the awesome gates that will close off the park at night.

I remember wondering what was gonna be done with the empty lot across from the trails and I got my answer today. It is now a playground with a small climbing structure and is also enclosed with a matching gate.

Point Vermin

I’ve been developing an idea for a comic strip for a couple of years now based on a group of animals that live at Pt Fermin Park. I pretty much just have to start writing the stories and drawing it. It’s called Point Vermin and I’m hoping to have some more time to work on it now that the walking part of SPBXB is done.

The Cement Border

The cement wall that borders the park has become a signature feature of the park along with the cement alcoves that are perfect little pockets to enjoy the view of Catalina across the channel.

It’s hard to imagine that the border used to be a white wooden fence. I know the cement makes me feel a lot more secure, but there are people who purposely climb over the wall to reach the cliffs’ edge on the other side.

They ignore the signs like this one that warn of danger. Some want a closer look, some want to kill themselves. Sometimes death finds them both.

Sideways Trees

If you look at the trees near the southwestern edge of the park, you will see that they all have a similar look to them…the windswept look. The coastal wind seems to have played a part in shaping the the branches and where the leaves grow.


The bathrooms behind the stage are typical park bathrooms inside but are housed in a really cute spanish exterior.

The Band Shell

I took this picture last year when I did a museum and park day. The band shell is probably the coolest thing about Pt. Fermin park. As you can see the banner for Shakespeare by the Sea is up. This year’s shows will be starting June 10th with Twelfth Night. It’s one of my favorite summer functions in San Pedro and Rachel Levy has been in a show every year I’ve attended and she is one of the funniest ladies in the South Bay, so please come out and support such a wonderful program. You can find more information and a full calendar of performances at

The ACS/ Pt Fermin Cafe

This building inside the park is currently the home of the American Cetacean Society that deals with protecting whales, dolphins, porpoises & their habitats through education, conservation & research.

This mural of a whale breaching is on the east side of the building. Before the society moved in, the building housed the Point Fermin Cafe.