I’m grateful to every person who had a hand in making this park a possibility. It isn’t everyday a dream comes true, it makes you wonder what we can start now for a better San Pedro in another 20 years.

There is a such thing as a free lunch

Everyone lined up for the free hotdog lunch provided by the Port of LA.

The food was cooked by volunteers from the Fire Dept Museum.

Once you got your food you had a choice of sitting at the picnic tables under the tent or sitting on the grass. Most people chose the latter.

Breakin in the Bocce Ball pits

Kids Play

There were lots of activities for the kids.

An obstacle course jumper.

Hula Hoops.

Sack races.

Regular Jumpers.

The Park in Action

Enough with the politicos and speeches, lets see some pictures of people enjoying the park!

The yellow shirts were POLA employees and volunteers who made the event a success.

The grass was so lush and green. I would’ve needed to borrow some fingers if I counted how many people I saw petting the grass and enjoying the new park feel. There was a little boy who was literally crawling through the grass on his hands and knees, enjoying how soft (and clean) it was.

Feliz Navidad

I happened to be on the train back with the Mt. Sinai choir and two girls in the back kept chanting “sing sing sing” trying to get the choir to sing for us. The head of the choir told the girls to lead the whole train in a song and the only song they knew the words to was Feliz Navidad. So they started it and the whole train eventually chimed in. We were all singing Feliz Navidad at full volume when we passed the other train heading back to the fountains. There’s nothing like an impromptu sing-along to warm your heart.

A good time was had by all

All in all, a lot of people showed up for the celebration and enjoyed themselves. After a pretty rough year, economically, I think people are ready for some holiday cheer. I think they got it, and then some.