San Pedro on Location: Creepy Ruins

Since I mentioned something creepy like the 3 Men and a Baby ghost boy, let’s talk about plots of land with no houses on them. Near the corner of Pacific and Stephen White Dr, there’s this staircase that leads to an empty lot. The stairs and the cement foundation is definitely old, I wonder what happened to the house.

To top it all off, literally, there is a rusty old gate at the top that adds to the spook factor. This would be a great place for a black and white photo shoot, I don’t know what the lot looks like up top, but if they filled it with dry ice fog it would be SO CREEPY!

San Pedro on Location:1 block, 3 places

These pictures were taken from the same block of 38th? and Bluff Place, but they could very well have been taken in three different places. Probably why San Pedro has so much filming going on, because we’re Anytown, USA.

Some Island Locale.

This might be a stretch; Italy or San Francisco.

This house has a bit of a woodsy feel, so I’d have to say it could be a lake house.

The Draper Residence

I’m such a huge fan of the tv show Mad Men. When they were filming over on Paseo I kind of hung around after my walk and snapped some pictures of them filming. The second half of the filming day took place here at this house. The home plays the role of the Draper house, the residence of the real Mrs. Draper (if you follow the show you know exactly what I’m talking about). Here’s a picture of Jon Hamm filming a scene at the house this past Cinco de Mayo.

San Pedro on Location: Japanese Garden

I found this cute little garden on Vallecito. It’s cute how the bigger trees are pruned in a way to look like Bonsai.

If this was Mr. Miyagi’s deck, poor Daniel-san wouldn’t have built enough muscle to fight the Cobra-Kai kiddies white belts.

San Pedro on Location: Desert Highway

As I was walking up Mermaid to Grandeur, I noticed that this vegetation made it look like I was on a desert mountain highway heading for Palm Springs.

San Pedro on Location: The Arizona Desert

This house on Alma is reminiscent of a Pueblito in the desert. It’s probably what homes and landscaping looked like in California before being gentrified.

San Pedro on Location: Mission San Pedro

San Pedro started as a spanish settlement and it’s heritage is definitely represented by a lot of the spanish style homes in the Averill Park area. This house is a spanish mission style home and the tiles on the side depict the network of Spanish Missions that stretch across the state. This miniature mission could be your very own Mission San Pedro.