Sherlock Homes: First Wives Club

Real San Pedro Homes
Now this is more like it. Small 1930’s era Tudor style homes are classic San Pedro. These houses very well could have been moved here, a lot of the houses were transplants at that time. Notice the asphalt curb instead of the more modern cement. I think these were the first ladies of the canyon. They’re closer to Gaffey because the canyon used to come out more. But the midlife crisis of the 80’s caused people to shun the old and demand newer and bigger things. Hence the cookie cutter giants at the back.

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Sherlock Homes: Where the sidewalk ends

The Dividing Line
As you get closer to Gaffey on Miraflores, the sidewalk ends…or begins, if you’re coming into the neighborhood. This is obviously evidence of the new development. They drew the line at the end of the old block and started fresh.

Sherlock Homes: Evening Shade

evening shade
I don’t know who gets to name the streets, but someone was a Burt Reynolds fan! By the look of the houses on Evening Shade, they look like they’re a little newer than the Golden Rose homes. Perhaps somewhere between 1990 and 1994 when the sitcom was on the air.

Sherlock Homes: Golden Rose Homes

80s Money Houses
Exhibit A: If you listen closely you can hear the houses on Golden Rose screaming. They are yelling “80’S MONEY!!!” The first thing that probaby flowed through the rain gutters were dividends from Ronald Reagan’s trickle down theory of supply side economics. I’m just saying that these houses probably have some brothers and sisters in the Valley somewhere.