Go San Pedro

Pictures like this gotta make you smile. A little home team pride goes a long way in my book, it reminds me a little bit of the midwestern and southern towns who live and die for their high school teams, kind of like in that movie Varsity Blues. You got the spirit, yes you do.

The KID stays in the picture

Sometimes a theme will find me without me even thinking about it. Todays posts, however late they are, seem to have kids in common.

I’ve never taken my walk so late before. The kids at 7th Street Elementary were getting out just as I was coming down 7th from the other side of Bynner. Thats where I found this license plate attached to a very nice car. I really thought I would see more SP vanity plates, mainly because I know they’re out there. I guess everyone’s at work. Sorry my posting has been off the last couple of days. Getting the house ready for the holidays is taking over my life right now. I promise everything will go back to normal tomorrow. I’m kind of like the mail, you might have to check back a bunch of times but I’ll for sure get there…eventually.

To be honest, I hate posting late. Even if only 5 people viewed before I posted…with anything that you want people to return to, you need to make sure its there when they expect it to be or they’ll stop coming (I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce knows what I’m talking about). But life does happen, and I really want to keep everyone reading to the end.

Swiss Family Pedro

A Pirates Life
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the coolest tree house in San Pedro. Look how high up in the tree it is! The owner definitely gets some SPirit points for the Pirate flag. If it still holds the title at the end of this whole project, I’ll have to come back and give them a certificate or something.

They got the SPirit, how about you?!

I kind of feel like I was hard on you today. But it’s only because I care so much. San Pedrans know a lot about tough love, we’ve been getting it from the City of LA since we got annexed in 1909! I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

Let’s be friends again over my first, fully APPROVED, vanity plate! Way to put a ring on that hometown pride. I know there’s more where this came from.

The rest of today’s pics can be found here.

If you’d like to help us work toward a cleaner San Pedro, check out Clean San Pedro.

Old Guys Rule

old guys rule
I would like to submit this picture as exhibit A in my ongoing argument that San Pedro is not only a town, but a SPirit and a lifestyle choice. Case in point, this handsome gentleman driving up Westmont in the Cherry El Camino (both color and condition) repping San Pedro via sticker on the back window. Play on player.