San Pedrans: Questions & Answers

My first interviewee for SPQ&A is Lieutenant Amy Honek of the United States Navy. Lt. Honek, who is currently stationed in Great Lakes, IL, is a proud San Pedran from the Cooper High area that I walked last week. Maybe she can tell us how long that hole has been there.

spbxb: To your knowledge, does your neighborhood have a name?
Lt. Honek: Not that I know of, but according to Google Maps it’s Northwest San Pedro.

spbxb: I tried to come up with a name for your neighborhood using the NYC neighborhood naming convention (ie SoHo, Tribeca) and came up with Cowtape. Can you come up with one?
Lt. Honek: Normont (North of Westmont)

spbxb: What was the best thing about growing up in your neighborhood?
Lt. Honek: Playing in the gutter or riding bikes down the giant hills between Westmont and Capitol.

spbxb: What do the neighborhood kids call that gutter thing?
Lt. Honek: I call it Korea because the first time I went there to sneak a smoke the smell of it reminded me of the stinky streets of Korea.

spbxb: How long has that hole in the fence been there? Has anyone ever tried to fix it?
Lt. Honek: I don’t remember how long ago it got there, I think it was fixed at some point. We still found ways in.

spbxb: One last question. What do you miss most about living in San Pedro?
Lt. Honek: Busy Bee

I’d like to thank Lt. Honek for her time and of course for her service to our country. Keep on shining and making your hometown proud!
-Romee, spbxb