Ante Perkov Way

I’m finishing up my downtown coverage by walking 8th between Pacific and Harbor Blvd. But first we need to stop off and pay some respect to a man with a carnation.

In 2003 a section of Palos Verdes St was renamed Ante Perkov way, in honor of the philanthropist and restauranteur. I’ll go into more detail on Ante when I cover his restaurant, but he was known for being generous with everything he had, and for wearing a red carnation behind his ear. The city council had no problem naming the street for him, it was approved swiftly and unanimously.

7th Street on down

I was admiring this building and daydreaming about my future real estate holdings in San Pedro when my Mom told me that it used to be a department store. Plaza Storage used to be a S.H. Kress, a chain of 5 and Dime department stores. The letters on top of the building used to read S.H-K-R-E-S-S.

7th Street isn’t as packed with gems as 6th is, but I will try to get in as much as I can in 5 posts.

Keep the Change

The meters are free through the 1st of the year so get your butts downtown and do some Christmas shopping in San Pedro!!

Let’s be real. There’s no way I can cover 6th street in 5 posts. No. Way. There are way too many stores and stories. It’s the main street of San Pedro, although I think 7th was meant to have that title. Funny how things work out. OK, before I start let me say that its impossible for me to know or search for every story that 6th street has to tell. If you have one to share, by all means, put it in the comments. Here’s what I know or can find out with the limited resources available to me.

Put your toys away

Full sized men can store their full sized toys at the Auto Palace on 5th street. This building used to belong to Pacific Bell back in the 80’s. I saw the Auto Palace in a commercial once. It was for the yellowpages and they had changed the name to Body Shop and it was kind of play on words where there was confusion with a yoga place also called the body shop. Its strange when you see San Pedro popping up in commercials. I just saw one the other day that had 7th and Centre in it. It was a commercial about smoking while driving and this guy hijacks a delivery truck so he can have a cigarette.

Today I’m heading down 5th to Harbor Blvd.

Feeling a little like Petula Clark…Downtown.

I’ll be downtown all week, milling about with my fine toothed comb. What is “downtown” to you? For me, the main strip of downtown consists of 6th and 7th street between Pacific and Harbor Blvd. I always include a one block perimeter as a gray area. Besides the holiday parade, I hadn’t really been spending much time downtown during the day, so I missed a couple of things. Like B&B Florist being crashed into. When did that happen?

Blogging a Sunny Day in the Rain…

…is kind of like a swimming pool full of dirt.

I walked past the motel on the corner of 4th and Pacific and peeked over the wall to see why one part of the parking lot was enclosed in cement blocks. Thats because it used to be the swimming pool. Isn’t that nice?

I walked 5th thru 8th between Gaffey and Pacific. The thing about being so close to downtown is there being so much to cover. It can almost cut an hour walk into three posting days. I’ll try to be smart about it, but I have a feeling we’ll be downtown all week next week. Here we go.

Getting back to business

So the whole 8hrs my computer was tied up loading a 5 minute slideshow to youtube drained me emotionally yesterday. Not really, but I was so afraid to touch my computer that I didn’t post the pictures I was supposed to yesterday. So we’re a day behind, lets just get right back into it.

Who else wants to drive right through this wall and ask for a gallon of milk? I’m sure a lot of San Pedrans would like to have a crack at it, if we could turn back time, I’m sure. The Taco Company occupies the old drive thru dairy spot. I remember going through as a kid and thinking it was really special. I don’t know if it had a name or not. Was it connected with Lochman’s Dairy ever? Walking the main streets is like a big ‘This USED to be’ session. Lets indulge ourselves for today.