Wikipedro: The Vincent Thomas Bridge

Vincent Thomas
The Vincent Thomas Bridge, movie star and spbxb supermodel, opened it’s welcoming cable arms on November 15, 1963. It is named for California Assemblyman Vincent Thomas who championed a special act of legislature to get it built. It is the 3rd largest suspension bridge in California and has the 76th longest span in the world.

Its been in countless movies and tv shows; Gone in 60 Seconds, To Live and Die in LA, Charlies Angels the movie, Mr and Mrs Smith, National Security, Chips…and in some movies it stands in for the Golden Gate Bridge (I’m sure there’s some color editing).

In January 2005, after 17 years of planning and fundraising, the bridge was illuminated with blue LED lights, powered by solar panels. I actually have a patch for one of the “Conquer the Bridge” walks that they had to raise money to light up the bridge.

Anyway, if you’re from Pedro, the bridge means more than a movie rap sheet and a way to get to terminal island. It means you’re home.

Lint trap

Bridge Trash
When I was directly under the bridge, I looked up and saw fenced pockets on each side and they were full of trash. I wonder if these work like lint traps for the bridge. That way, any litter won’t go down into the water. These lint traps run the whole length of the bridge. I wonder if someone cleans them out. Can you imagine all that trash getting into the channel? Ick.