The Grenadier Treehouse of Awesome

Wasn’t I JUST talking about the lack of treehouses?! If I hadn’t had crossed the street to take a picture of that spray painted truck I wouldn’t have seen it. That’s Serendipity folks. Don’t you want to see the whole thing? There’s a good chance that this will be the last treehouse I see for the rest of my walks, so maybe they’ll let me see it if I give them a certificate of Best Treehouse in San Pedro. If you live in an area I have yet to walk and have been thinking about building a treehouse and want to win my award, consider the bar raised.

And if that last statement speaks to anyone besides my overinflated ego, drop me a line because I need to meet you. 🙂

The Wanderer Treehouse

Can you believe that I haven’t seen a treehouse since the one on Maramec back in November?! This one in the wild brush of south shores is definitely the most rickety of the three I have found to date, but it has a couple of things going for it. It gets bonus points for being made up of almost all recycled parts and takes the cake as far as the view goes.

The Meramec Tree House

Meramec Treehouse
Meramec is a tiny little street off of 1st. If you’re going up the hill, you have to make a right onto the first tiny little street (Dunn) after Bandini and Meramec is on the right. Thats where I found this tree house. While it has a very authentic and abandoned quality to it, the treehouse near Capitol is still on top. I really thought I would have seen more by now. Maybe they’re all near the coast.

Swiss Family Pedro

A Pirates Life
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the coolest tree house in San Pedro. Look how high up in the tree it is! The owner definitely gets some SPirit points for the Pirate flag. If it still holds the title at the end of this whole project, I’ll have to come back and give them a certificate or something.