San Pedro: Block by Block (SPBXB) is both a blog and a promise: Everyday. Touch my feet to each street. Block by block. Sole to soul. 

Why? Two reasons. The first is a little involved while the second is more of a bonus. My main reason to start SPBXB is to really get to know my hometown. Every San Pedran, no matter your “True”-ness, has an ongoing love affair with our Port Town. We wear our pride on our backs, cars, smoke stacks, bridges and many have it inked into our skin. We rep San Pedro so hard, it’s a designer label.

I’m ready to take my relationship to the next level and put a ring on it. I’m going to walk a ring around every block in San Pedro. From the north side at Five-Points all the way down to the end of Paseo del Mar. One chunk a day until I can raise a bottle of water in celebration at the end of the Cabrillo Beach Pier. The plan is to walk at least 30 minutes a day, discovering all the ins and outs that make San Pedro special and post my findings here. This journey is bound to be an expedition (this is where the second reason comes in). Besides the mental bonus of all the new things I will learn, I’ll be getting some much needed exercise – we have some killer hills in this town! I’m really anxious to get started, just imagine the things you miss zooming by at the speed of life. Check back often to see what you’re missing.