WikiPedro Pedigree: Stephen M. White Drive

The plaque at the foot of the statue reads:

“Stephen M. White
1853 – 1901

Stephen M. White was elected Los Angeles County District Attorney in 1882, State Senator in 1886 and United States Senator in 1893. During his term in the United States Senate, Senator White’s most notable accomplishment was his successful leadership of the fight to create the Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro as opposed to Santa Monica Bay, the site that was being advocated by powerful railroad interests. It is believed that the rigors of his battle with the railroad barons contributed to Senator White’s untimely death in 1901 at the age of 48. Stephen M. White is one of the men of vision who laid the groundwork so the city and county of Los Angeles could take their extraordinary leadership position in the nation and the world during the 20th century. His legacy should be remembered for all time.

This statue of Stephen M. White has been relocated to its just and final resting place overlooking the federal breakwater through the efforts of the County, City and Port of Los Angeles.”

This is the statue’s third and final residence. Before moving to his beachside home in 1989, the statue was originally installed in 1908 outside the Old County courthouse at the corner of Temple & Broadway (downtown LA) and was moved in 1959 to the current County Courthouse at 1st and Hill streets.


Pedro Pedigree: Kerckhoff and Carolina

Kerckhoff is named for William G. Kerckhoff, a lumber dealer, banker and ship builder during the early days of San Pedro. He was a partner of George Peck in some of his development ventures. He helped to found the Pacific Light and Power Company, the forerunner to the Southern California Gas Company.

Carolina was named after a daughter of Ramon Sepulveda.

This information was found on Sunny San Pedro’s list of street names.

Saturday in the Park: Alma Park

Alma Park and Alma Street are both named for the middle daughter of George H. Peck. Alma was born in January of 1888 and lived with her father most of her life, including at the time of the 1930 census. This wasn’t unheard of, but again- I heard that she and her brother Leland were both sickly. I was told there were some biographies on them at the archives so I’m going to check it out. But perhaps the Leland and Alma parks and streets are so close together because they lived together with their father for so many years. I’m not sure what happened to them when their father passed in 1940. I’ll let you know if I find out.

Wikipedro/Pedro Pedigree: Leland Street Elementary School

Leland Street Elementary, Leland Street and Leland Park are all named for Leland Peck, youngest child of George H. Peck. I read somewhere that he was a sickly child, confined to a wheelchair most of his life. I can’t find where I read that, but census records show him and his sister Alma both still living with their father in their 40’s.

The front facades of Leland St. Elementary and Cabrillo Ave Elementary look almost identical. This is what Cabrillo’s front entry looked like when I was a student there.

Here is a picture of the new building and the new playground.

Wikipedro/ Pedro Pedigree: Amar

Amar Street is named for Edouard Amar. Edouard was born near Grenoble, France in 1852. He 1873 he got a job in Wilmington and got paid in sheep. A couple of years later he settled in San Pedro and started raising sheep. Within a few years his flock had grown to 50,000. The sheep were famous for walking into people’s yards, and even the schools. The sheep roamed where they wanted to and everyone in town accepted it. Edouard’s son Eloi was a real estate developer and contractor. He built the Elk’s club at 7th and Palos Verdes and some bungalows on 12th. Eloi was also General Manager of Catalina Island when it belonged to Phineas Banning and after it was sold to the Wrigley Family. Before Edouard passed in 1929, he was honored with the French Legion of Honor with ribbons.

Pedro Pedigree: Malgren Ave

This info comes from – John N. Malgren was a longshoreman for the Southern Pacific. He received the first property deed in San Pedro in 1882 in the Nob Hill area

Pedro Pedigree: Dodson Ave

Dodson Avenue is named for James H. Dodson. As the caption says, Mr. Dodson was Mayor of San Pedro Twice and Postmaster for many years. He married Rudecinda Sepulveda in 1881 who Dodson Middle School is named for. Rudecinda was given a house as a wedding present and that house is located on 13th just above Cabrillo. We should walk past it in a couple of weeks.