La Zona Rosa

The Zona Rosa might be better known as Dancing Waters. It is/was a night club where you could see bands play. My Dad played there back in the day. It was also a popular venue for local punk bands in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Dancing Waters was previously the 13th Street Bowling Alley and the filming location for Jake Lamada’s Florida nightclub in the film Raging Bull. The sign (though painted over today) was the same one used in the movie.

I don’t know if the Zona Rosa has punk nights, and I know Harold’s is starting to showcase some bands, but I think fostering somewhat of a punk scene in San Pedro would capitalize on a heritage that has long been ignored by mainstream San Pedro. Not to mention the fact that it would bring people into town. Sure, some people might pass them off as riff-raff, but there needs to be a younger scene in town. Heck, a scene period. God knows we have the talent.